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Gomti Bridge

Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and it has always been a multicultural city. Courtly manners, beautiful gardens, poetry, music, and fine cuisine patronized by the Persian-loving Shia Nawabs of the city are well known amongst Indians and students of South Asian culture and history. Lucknow is popularly known as the The City of Nawabs.It is also known as the Golden City of the East, Shiraz-i-Hind and The Constantinople of India.


Lucknow Geography – Situated in the heart of the great Gangetic plain, Lucknow city is surrounded by its rural towns and villages like the orchard town of Malihabad, historic Kakori, Mohanlal ganj, Gosainganj, Chinhat, Itaunja. On its eastern side lies Barabanki District, on the western side is Unnao District, on the southern side Raebareli District, and on the northern side the Sitapur and Hardoi districts. The Gomti River, the chief geographical feature, meanders through the city, dividing it into the Trans-Gomti and Cis-Gomti regions. Lucknow city is located in the seismic zone.


At a glance

  •  Area : 2.528 sq. km.
  • Population : 4,588,455 (2011 census)
  • Altitude : 123 mts. above sea level.
  • Season : October – March
  • Clothing (Summer) : Cottons Winter : Woolens
  • Language : Hindi, Urdu, English
  • Festivals : Holi, Dusschra, Diwali, Jamghat, Bada Mangal Mela, Id-Ul-Zuha, Id-Ul-Fitar, Shab-e-Barat, Moharrum & Lucknow Mahotsav (November 25- December 05)
  • Local Transport : Bus/Tempo/Auto Rickshaw/Taxi Tonga/Cycle Rickshaw
  • STD Code : 0522
  • co-ordinate 26°51′N 80°55′E


lucknowi_kebabsTaste of Lucknow – Like various other art forms. the culinary art of Lucknow was also raised to a fine art under royal patronage. A favourite past time of the nobility of Awadh was perfecting the art of  cooking. The bawarchis and rakabdars of Awadh, by their expertise of blending spices, achieved a high degree of finesse in cooking and presentation of food that took culinary art to the highest realms. This gave birth to the Dum style of cooking or the art of cooking over a slow fire, which has become synonymous with Lucknow today. The bawarchisof Awadh transformed the traditional dastarkhwan with elaborate dishes like kababs, kormas, kaliya, nahari-kulchas, zarda, sheermal, roomali rotis and warqi parathas.


The richness of Awadh cuisine lies not only in the variety of cuisine but also is the ingredients used in creating such a variety. Nahari a hot favourite of Awadh is a meat preparation with thick spicy gravy. In ‘Pai ki Nahari’ leg and other bones are cooked and bone juice is mixed with a mouth watering gravy. Nahari was originally a beef preparation eaten with Kulchas . Now-a-days mutton is used instead of beef in houses. The best place where beef Nahari is still served in Lucknow is the Rahim’s shop inside Akbarigate which has produced some of the best Nahari dishes for the past five generations. Lucknow is also proud of its Kababs. The Kakori Kababs. Galawat ke Kababs Shami Kababs. Boti Kababs, Patili-ke-Kababs, Ghutwa Kababs and Seekh Kababs are among the known varities.


The 100 year old ‘Tunde ke Kabab’in chowk is the most famous outlet for choicest Kababs even today. Karma a preparation ofmeat in gravy was an essential item of the A wadh dastarkhwan. ‘Biryani’ was yet another item cooked in Dum style. The method imparted a typical Awadhi flavour to this rice preparation. The warqi paratha and sheermals are other sumptuous dishes of Lucknow that are simply a gourmet’s delight.


Restaurant in Lucknow

  • Aryans Family’s Delight
    40, M.G. Marg, Lucknow
  • Barista Coffee Company
    58, Hazratganj, Lucknow
  • Cafe Coffee Day
    31/82, Hazratganj, Lucknow
  • Barista Coffee Company
    58, Hazratganj, Lucknow
  • Bombay Blue Express / Noodle Bar
    Food Court, Saharaganj, Lucknow
  • Brindavan Restaurant
    Sapru Marg, Lucknow
  • Cappuccino Blast
    12, Mall Avenue, Lucknow.
  • Chowdhury Sweet House
    77, Hazratganj, Lucknow
  • Chungfa Chinese Restaurant
    57, Gole Market, Mahanagar, Lucknow
  • Dasaprakash
    Hotel Sagar Intl., 14A, Jopling Road, Lucknow
  • Dominos Pizza
    Hazratganj, Lucknow
  • Dosa Plaza
    Food Court, Saharaganj, Lucknow.
  • Falakhnuma Restaurant
    Hotel Clarks Avadh, M.G. Marg, Lucknow
  • Ghazal Restaurant
    Deep Hotel, V.S. Marg, Lucknow
  • Gulfam
    Hotel Clarks Avadh, M. G. Marg, Lucknow
  • Ice ‘N’ Spice
    Faizabad Road, Lucknow
  • Mc Donald’s
    Eastend Mall, Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow
  • Nirula’s Fast Food
    Sapru Marg, Lucknow
  • Pizza Hut
    M.G. Marg, Lucknow.
  • Pulse
    Food Court, Saharaganj, Lucknow
  • Ritz Continental
    Sapru Marg, Lucknow
  • Ritz Continental Corner
    Gole Market, Mahanagar, Lucknow
  • Shanghai Surprise
    Sapru Marg, Lucknow
  • Spicy Bite
    Food Court, Saharaganj, Lucknow
  • The Cellar
    Gole Market, Mahanagar, Lucknow
  • Tunday Kababi
    Aminabad Road, Lucknow
  • Ultra Violet Lounge
    12, Mall Avenue, Lucknow
  • Wimpy’s
    Food Court, Saharaganj, Lucknow
  • Zaikaa
    Rani Laxmi Bai Marg, Lucknow